Founder, Chennaigaga®


  • Making a positive difference to people’s lives.
  • Making Chennaigaga the Go-To brand for a wholesome Chennai experience complete with antidotes for that feeling of Madras Nostalgia. Look it up here: chennaigaga.com

Four-Fold Mission

  • To offer my writing services (English) using simple and effective words for enhanced appeal and ease of comprehension
  • To offer website and other textual content review and editing services
  • To be a consultant for niche micro and small businesses in setting up processes and systems to ensure smooth and efficient operations
  • To offer training in basic soft skills and provide on-the-spot practical and useful teachings to -retail sales people

 Core Values

  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Loyalty
  • Empathy

SERVICES OFFERED (Experience in brackets)

Content and Creative Writing (17 years)

Content Editing and Sprucing (15 years)

Brainstorm and Small Business Set-Up Resource (13 years)

Retail In-Store Sales Training (8 years)


About Chennaigaga
Chennaigaga is the first-ever souvenir venture for Chennai. We were the first to bring out ‘regular’ Chennai-themed souvenirs like t-shirts, mugs and magnets, etc., and were also the first to:

  • Brand the Chennaiite
  • Launch Tamil-themed merchandise
  • Offer Carnatic Music and Bharathanatyam-themed souvenirs
  • Make Chennai the first Indian city with a dedicated souvenir brand

Through my 13 year-journey with Chennaigaga since 2009 when it was first conceptualised, till date and continuing, I have:

  • Honed my creative thinking in both design and content as well as business operations,
  • Continuously worked on my writing skills through blog writing, product descriptions, email-marketing and design stories,
  • Developed a better understanding of customer expectations and experience,
  • Learned to work with overwhelming constraints,

among other life learnings.


Personal Achievements:

  • Obtained a Private Pilot’s License from Executive Air Terminal, Charleston, WV, USA
  • Created a niche brand with a strong USP – Chennaigaga®
  • Numerous articles written by me in various lifestyle magazines in India — features, interviews, reviews and short fiction have been published
  • Conducted employee engagement activities and organised fun and meaningful team huddles — both remote and on-site, at Trident Consulting Inc. whilst in a senior management / HR role